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FSViewer is a file system viewer for Window Maker, developed by George Clernon visually and functionally in analogy to the Workspace Manager of NeXTStep(TM). After the publishing of version 0.2.3a the development was stopped in 1999. The code abandoned this way had no adjustments to the continued development of Window Maker and the WINGs library. Mainly due to greater changes in Window Maker 0.70.0 the code of FSViewer got incompatible resulting in an impossibility to be compiled and linked with the current version of Window Maker and WINGs.

My adaptation to a newer version of Window Maker and the WINGs library was first published on the user mailing list of Window Maker in January 2002. The very positive feedback encouraged me to setup this page and to try some further bug fixing.


Screenshot of FSViewer    FSViewer with Inspector


The first developing step removed mainly the dependency to libProbList, changed the handling of icons and introduced the new library paths.

The 0.2.3d release contains some administrative changes but also a fix for a bug that causes FSViewer to crash when changed preferences were saved. The fix can only take effect when the old version of the personal default database is removed. So please if you used an older version than 0.2.3d delete "~/GNUStep/Defaults/FSViewer" and start the updated FSViewer.

A detailed description of the changes you find in the ChangeLog file:



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